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Deditop offers top-brand dedicated servers and network equipment at highly competitive prices. You’ll get truly excellent value for money. We have a wide selection of hardware available, and you can have it configured any way you want. If you think your IaaS hosting solution demands are excessive, try us! Your hardware can be tailored to create fully customized solutions. We’ll build it to your exact specifications.

We can provide your advanced, highly customized server solutions with very short lead times. Our certified engineering experts follow ISO 9001 hosting, ISO 27001 hosting and strict Quality Assurance standards. The result? Tailor-made IaaS hosting solutions for every scenario, with guaranteed consistent quality output.

Expert engineering support 24/7

Your hardware deployments in Deditop’s company-owned data centers in Belgium will benefit from our rapid support response times. Our certified engineering experts are on standby in these facilities 24/7 and keen to provide support with the most demanding issues. We’re capable of achieving a standard average response time of 7 minutes. You pay no extra for this. How about that?

Global network, DDoS protection, SDN

Deditop’s cleverly designed global 10 Tbit/s network backbone can help unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure, whether it be local, regional or global. It offers unparalleled high-bandwidth, low latency 100 Gbit/s speeds and routing redundancy. It also bolsters the performance of our other effective solutions including our in-house developed Deditop Elastic Network (WEN) and DDoS Shield.

WEN is our SDN platform designed to provide SMBs to enterprises with the greatest flexibility possible. It offers cloud onramps and there are abundant server, data center, networking and cybersecurity deployment features available. It is hosted in data center locations at the edge of our network backbone and is extremely cost-effective. Deditop DDoS Shield adds extra value by protecting your digital assets from all types of DDoS attacks.

Custom IT infrastructures

Configure your own dedicated server. Fully customize the server to suit your specific needs. All dedicated servers benefit from our high bandwidth 10 Tbit/s network and >1 Tbit/s DDoS mitigation capacity. Also check out our business solutions for flexible IT deployment.

Business solutions to easily deploy and scale your it infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure and applications may require flexibility. For the hybrid cloud, to adapt to evolving business needs and to cut costs. Enable it with these business solutions.



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